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<table style="Z-INDEX: 108; LEFT: 9px; WIDTH: 335px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 3px; HEIGHT: 18px"
 <tr vAlign="top">
  <td vAlign="top" align="center" width="100%">
   <DIV id="banner" style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(https://images.zcubes.com/zaccount/NewImages/top banner.png);WIDTH: 392px;HEIGHT: 50px">
    <span><FONT face="Arial" color="white" size="5">Email Confirmation</FONT></span>
    <span style="width:270px"></span>
    <span class="ZaccountClass"><A style="COLOR: silver" href="ZAccount.aspx">Go
      to ZAccounts</A></span>