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The city has well over 100 art galleries, featuring every possible form of art, from the Impressionists to contemporary art.

The 30 museums include the Museum of Art and History, which contains large collections of paintings, sculptures and Greek and Egyptian archeological artifacts. Other museums host outstanding collections of china and glass artworks, ethnological objects, scientific instruments, wild animals and minerals, painting masterpieces and books.

Music is important to Geneva's culture. There are, for example, over 70 opera performances a year, many featuring the world's top performers; the city also has its own Symphony and Chamber orchestras of international repute. Music can be studied at the University and the Conservatory.

There are well over 600 performances a year in the five main theaters, and altogether the city's 38 theaters offer performances in four languages.

Geneva also has more than 60 cinemas: some movies have their European premieres in the city, while the latest movies are usually shown in their original language version at the same time as they are screened in Paris or New York.

The city is famous for its auctions: Christie's, Phillips and Sotheby's regularly organize important sales during the year, attracting buyers from around the world and setting record prices.

Geneva offers first-class opportunities and fully equipped facilities for all types of sports.

There are 22 public swimming pools, and numerous skating and curling rinks, a number of golf courses within easy reach (including in neighboring France), over 40 tennis and squash clubs, polo as well as sailing, rowing and water-skiing on the lake. The area around Geneva is ideal for riding and in winter, skiing - both cross-country and downhill - is available less than an hour's drive away in the Alps and the Jura range.

Geneva offers world-class shopping facilities through chic international fashion boutiques, establishments selling watches and jewelry and other exclusive items, and well-stocked department stores. All downtown shops are conveniently located, within an easy stroll. Commercial centers with a wide choice of outlets serve outlying neighborhoods. Local street markets add color, and offer bargains.