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Welsh-born Catherine Zeta-Jones began her career in the British version of the musical 42nd Street, but her breakthrough role came in the as the star in the comedy-drama The Darling Buds of May which premiered on British television in the early '90's.

With beauty and poise reminiscent of a classic Hollywood star, Zeta-Jones played bit roles in major movies before appearing in her breakthrough performance in The Mask of Zorro opposite Antonio Banderas in 1998.

She later made headlines with her marriage to actor Michael Douglas in 2000. A triple-threat acting-singing-dancing performance won her the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her appearance in the 2002 Broadway adaptation of Chicago.

In 2005, Zeta-Jones reprises her role in the Zorro franchise as Elena de la Vega alongside actor Antonio Banderas as Zorro in The Legend of Zorro.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Photo
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Catherine Zeta-Jones was our actress of the year last year. Here she is at the Oscars which were held at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles
Catherine began acting at age 11, playing in a production of Annie and at 13 she starred in a West End production of the musical Bugsy Malone. When Catherine was 16 she took over the lead in David Merrick's 42nd Street. While the global audience was unaware of her work, Catherine was rapidly becoming a star in the UK. In fact, with the popularity of The Darling Buds of May, Catherine became a mega-star in Blightey.

Coupled with her role in the four-hour television docu-drama Titanic, Catherine got some attention in the United States. Most importantly, she was noticed by Steven Spielberg, who recommended Catherine for the female lead in The Mask of Zorro. She followed up this strong Hollywood debut (which this is now considered despite her appearance in 1986's The Phantom) with the equally successful Entrapment with Sean Connery.

Zeta-Jones lightened things up in 2003, making audiences laugh alongside George Clooney in the Cohen Brothers' movie
Intolerable Cruelty, then with Tom Hanks in The Terminal. The next year, she re-teamed with Clooney for Ocean's Twelve, before joining up with another co-star from her past, Antonio Banderas, for the sequel to their film The Legend of Zorro.

Date and Place of Birth: 25 September, 1969; Mumbles, Wales

First Movie: Les Mille et une Nuits (1990)

Height: 1.74m (5" 9')

Origin of Name: Named after her two grandmothers, Catherine and Zeta. The name Zeta comes from a name of a ship the grandmother's grandfather sailed.

Family: Husband: Michael Douglas; Son: Dylan, born 2000. Daughter: Carys, born 2003.

Quotation: "The world is full of beautiful women. But I know what I do have is talent, and I want to be here for the long run. I'm not obsessed with myself, and I try not to rely on any kind of beauty. That's why I try to put a certain oomph into my performances, some fun and physicality. And right now, I'm not going to be cast as a wallflower anytime soon, but I can do it and someday I'd like to try."

"Catherine Zeta-Jones" Photograph
"Catherine Zeta-Jones" Photograph
"Catherine Zeta-Jones" Photograph