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About Gir National Park
India’s national emblem- the four-lion Ashokan capital- is one of the places lions can be readily seen. The other, of course, is the famous Gir Forest in Gujarat, the last stronghold of this majestic creature. Nearly exterminated by 1910- a result of drought, irate villagers and sheer indifference- the Gir lions were brought under protection by the Nawab of Junagadh, who banned all hunting in the area. After independence, in 1965, the Indian government declared the area a national park. The lion population- which had sunk to an alarming two dozen in the early 20th century- has slowly climbed over the years since, and now numbers about 300. The Gir National Park and Lion Sanctuary is collectively known as the Gir Protected Area. Gir stretches over 1,412 sq km of scrub and grassland, dry deciduous forest and some marshland. Besides lions, Gir harbours antelope, deer, leopards, hyenas, crocodiles and jackals, along with a spectacular array of birds.

An important part of the Gir Protected Area is the 4 sq km spread known as the Gir Interpretation Zone, about 12 km from Sasan Gir Village, the headquarters of the park. The Zone has a cross-section of wildlife within the park, and a visit here almost guarantees a lion sighting, which is otherwise a hit-or-miss affair in other parts of Gir.

Lion Pair Sasan Gir Gujarat India Major Places for Lion Safari In India
Gir National Park - Gir National Park is the prime destination to view the wonderful animal in its natural habitat. Located in the north western state of Gujrat, Gir National Park occupies a total area of 1500 sq kms with a core area of 300 sq kms. Initially a hunting ground for the Nawab of Junagadh, the Gir forest area was declared a National Park in the year 1975. The best season to visit this park is in between the months of November to June. As far as the best time to see the animal is concerned, early morning or evenings are just perfect. This is the time when the predator comes out to look for a prey to satisfy its hunger. Jeep safari is the best way to view this royal animal in the Gir National Park.

Nehru Zoological Park - Nehru Zoological Park is located in Hyderabad in the southern state of India, Andhra Pradesh. The zoo spans over an area of 300 sq kms and is regarded as the biggest zoo in the entire country. It has a separate Lion safari park where Asiatic lions stay in complete harmony with their African bretherns. The area for both the Asiatic and African lions are separate, and tourists can view them roaming around in a setting that resembles their natural habitat to a great extent.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park - More popularly known as the Borivili National Park, Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located in the subarban area of Mumbai. Set in the hill ranges, the park provides perfect habitat for the lions. Lion sfari is, infact, one of the major attractions of this park. For a seekers of lion sighting, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is definitely one exciting. destination.
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
One of the major Lion safari sites of Kerala, Parambikulam has one of the largest population of Gaur or Indian Bison. Among its other wildlife preservation attractions there is a Crocodile Rearing Centre and a Deer Farm.