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The number of mobile phone users exceed that of landphone users.There are 4.39 crore land phone connections, as against there are 4.45 mobile phone subscribers in the country. In Kerala, there were over 23 lakh mobile phone users.
More than a mobile phone

The mobile phone manufacturers have been introducing newer models in quick succession.

Even as the buyer thinks of buying one, another model with more features hits the market.

The process has been a continuous one and is set to advance further.

It seems there is no end to the convergence of technologies on the cellphone.

The latest offering of Nokia under the N series has a lot of advanced features.

The Nokia N95 model, introduced in various cities, including Kochi, has a multimedia device.

The mobile search facility enables the user to access familiar search engines such as Microsoft windows live search and Yahoo.

The facility could be used as a location finder. The device has a 5 megapixel camera.

The pictures can be uploaded to a compatible blog or photo site. It is capable of video streaming of news, movies and music on the go.

Samsung, another prominent player in the cellphone market, has provided a mobile tracker in its model C 140.

The tracker helps one to track one's lost phone, according to the company. It also has an emergency SOS alert feature.

In times of distress or emergencies, on pressing a key four times, the cellphone will send out SOS SMS to up to 10 preset numbers.

It also has a privacy lock to prevent misuse.

Samsung targets 20 pc of Kerala mobile market

Samsung has set a target of achieving 20 per cent share in the Kerala cellular phone market by mid-2008, according to Mr Sutikshan Naithani, Vice-President (Sales and Marketing).

"Kerala is an important market for us as the share is currently 12-13 per cent, on par with metros and higher than the national average of 9-10 per cent."

The market size in Kerala is estimated at 85,000-90,000 mobile phones in a month in the GSM segment and Samsung currently sells around 10,000 pieces.

"We are planning to increase the branding in Kerala as well as launch new models very soon to capture the market," he said, adding that the trends are changing fast in the mobile phone segment.

BENQ India Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of the $ 3-billion Taiwanese digital lifestyle devices company, has introduced a new mobile phone model. Called the M 300, the phone comes with a 110 K integrated digital camera, said Mr G. Prasanna, Business Development Manager- Mobile Division, BenQ India Pvt Ltd.

While the phone has been soft-launched in Kerala and New Delhi, it will soon be available across the country, he said. In order to tap into the buzz surrounding the Onam festival in Kerala, the company is offering a sling bag for each mobile phone purchased, said Mr Ish Bawa, the company's Marketing Communications Manager.

Cerf contrasted the number of Internet users globally—1.1 billion—with the number of mobile phone users—2.5 billion. Mobile subscriptions are growing rapidly in countries like India and China. India, the world’s fastest-growing mobile market, adds close to 6 million users every month and has very low mobile market penetration rates, about 13%.
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