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IMG_7792 Capitol Building w senate side, forsythia (good).JPG (74233 bytes) IMG_0409 white house, north front, spring.jpg (62623 bytes) IMG_7239 White House Christmas, snow (+).jpg (35379 bytes)
U.S. Capitol Building in Spring White House in Spring White House Christmas,%20snow%20(+).jpg
IMG_9535 Capitol, dusk (good).jpg (26498 bytes) IMG_0423 white house, south front, spring, close.jpg (84705 bytes) IMG_1383 US Capitol & reflecting pool (+).jpg (68383 bytes)
Capitol Building, dusk White House across south lawn Capitol Building
over reflecting pool
IMG_1435 Capitol Dome, low sun (good).jpg (41425 bytes) IMG_0519 Lincoln Memorial (+).jpg (83114 bytes) IMG_0414 white house, tulips (good).jpg (94666 bytes)
Capitol Dome, low sun Lincoln Memorial White House from Lafayette Park
IMG_1675 white house from wash mon (ok).jpg (56928 bytes) 416 Metro Archives station (-).jpg (64100 bytes) IMG_1754 union station main hall (ok).jpg (67774 bytes)
White House from top of
Washington Monument
Metro, Archives station Union Station, main hall
IMG_9497 washington monument, capitol, reflecting pool, WWII mon, dusk (+).jpg (36169 bytes) 4216 Arlington Memorial Cemetary.jpg (82120 bytes) 1576 Treasury steps (+).jpg (58424 bytes)
Washington Monument, Capitol,
WWII Memorial, reflecting pool
Arlington National Cemetery Treasury Department steps
702 Lincoln Mem sunset reflecting pool.jpg (47022 bytes) IMG_9813 washington monument, dramatic sky dusk (ok).JPG (45902 bytes) IMG_0562 jefferson over tidal basin.JPG (49364 bytes)
Lincoln Memorial
sunset & reflecting pool
Washington Monument sunset Jefferson Memorial
over the Tidal Basin
IMG_0469 Wash Mon flags & cherries (good).jpg (38604 bytes) 706 Lincoln Mem dusk (--).jpg (90950 bytes) IMG_0520 Wash Mon & Capitol.JPG (28282 bytes)
Washington Monument Lincoln Memorial with moon Washington Monument