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Alexander, was born on or around July 20, 356 B.C.E. The exact date may have been created after the fact to match the date of the burning of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus. Nevertheless, the date on which Philip hea rd news of the birth did coincide with the announcement to Philip of Parmenio's success in Illyria and the victory of his horse at the Olympic games. Regardless, Alexander was a Leo.

Alexander is supposed to have been fair skinned, with a ruddy tinge to his face and chest. Plutarch stated that he had a pleasing scent. Like all Macedonians, Alexander liked his liquor; his fondness for wine also caused some of his outbursts of rage. Alexander liked drama, the flute and the lyre, poetry and hunting. What he truly wanted in his life was glory and valor, rather than easy living and riches. He was not fond of athletic contests, according to Plutarch.

To say the least, young Alexander matured early. A famous anecdote describes Alexander skillfully receiving Persian envoys in Philip's court while Philip was out inspecting his troops. Alexander is said to have impressed the envoys more than Philip woul d have. This incident would have happened when Alexander was about five or six.