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The Bible further defines love in I Corinthians 13—commonly known as the “Love Chapter”—with detailed characteristics, stating that love (charity)…

Is patient and tender toward others (vs. 4)
Is not jealous of others (vs. 4)
Does not brag about its own accomplishments (vs. 4)
Is not arrogant or proud (vs. 4)
Is never rude or discourteous (vs. 5)
Does not promote self above others (vs. 5)
Is not easily offended or quick to become angry (vs. 5)
Does not keep account of evil or impute evil motives (vs. 5)
Does not rejoice over lawlessness (vs. 6)
Rejoices when truth triumphs over deceitful ways (vs. 6)
Endures without revealing what distress is taking place, is eager to believe the best, is always hopeful, and remains patient, even in persecutions (vs. 7)
Love “never fails” (vs. 8)—it is never out of use, and always motivates a person to act in another’s best interest.