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TrigStar Competition


Twenty students participated in the annual Trig-Star competition held at JF
April 25th and 26th. A seminar sponsored by the Central Virginia Chapter of 
the National Society of Professional Surveyors was held Wednesday afternoon, 
led by Ken Carlton, a civil engineer and land surveyor with VDOT. As part of
the seminar, he and one of his surveying associates demonstrated the new 
"robotic" instrument that is now used in place of a traditional "transit and
chain" to make field measurements of distances and angles.

The actual Trig-Star competition -- a test of students' knowledge of trig 
techniques, such as the Law of Sines and Law of Cosines -- was held Thursday
in the cafeteria.
Congratulation to the following winners:
Tori Blanks -- 1st place and a $100 savings bond 

Jin Know -- 2nd place and a $50 savings bond 

Bhaumik Patel -- 3rd place and a $20 gift certificate to Givens Books

Stephanie Wilson -- 4th place and a $15 gift certificate 

Vatsal Patel -- 5th place and a $10 gift certificate