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The marvelous city of Mahabalipuram forms an integral part of the golden triangle of the southern India. The city was earlier called Mamallapuram but was later called Mahabalipuram or ‘The land of Bali’.

The world-renowned town of Mahabalipuram is at a distance of 55 kilometers from Chennai. The journey between the two destinations of the golden triangle of southern India is full of spectacular sights. The journey is no less than a joy ride. The lovely seaside was the capital of the Pallavas dynasty. On your golden triangle tour the shore temple, the largest bas-relief in the world called Arjuna’s Penance and the famous and beautiful mandapams are what will be most eye-catching. Arjuna’s Penance, a complicated piece of work on a vertical rock is one of the best preserved. The creative architecture of the fifth and eighth centuries stand in testimony to the virile artistic temperament of the rulers who were trendsetters in south Indian art. 

These structures are the forerunners of the Draviddian style of architecture that evolved later. In Mahabalipuram there are the excavated rock temples that are anomalously called "Mandapas". The Mahishamardhani and the Adivaraha are the two most remarkable of them. The Mahishamardhani contains on walls facing each other two of the most superb sculptural reliefs known to Indian art, both connected with each other in their common scriptural source. Rocks have been scooped out to make cave temples and rock-cut shrines. This singular feature enhances its magnificence manifold. Rock surfaces have been filled with bas-reliefs and panels crowded with a cavalcade of men, gods and animals, their figures and movements breathtakingly realistic.

The port town with its temples and beaches will not fail to entice you to take another golden triangle tour in near future. Drench yourself in the magic of Mahabalipuram.