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If you hear "Egypt" you think of them first: The three Pyramides of Giza. They are located about 10 km southwest of Cairo in the Libyan Desert. The biggest is ascribed to the pharaoh Cheops and is supposed to be built in the 4th dynasty about 2690 B.C. It is made from limestone from the Mokattam Mountains near Cairo. Its height is 140 m and its lateral length 230 m. The second is suppost to be built by pharaoh Chefren about 2650 B.C. and its height is 136 m. The smaller one with a height of 63 m is supposed to be built by pharaoh Mykerinos about 2600 B.C. Pyramides of Giza Pyramides of Giza
Cheops Pyramid Cheops-Pyramid

A hole in the side of the Cheops Pyramid through which we today get into it of course was not made as this. It was broken by force to obtain an admission. The stuffy air inside made the stay not pleasant. Through different tunnels and corridors we reach the "king's chamber". The sarcophagus made from stone was and is empty.
In contrast to the other buildings of the Old Egypts in and at the pyramides you can find no relief, no fresco and no inscription. This fact made Erich von Daeniken speculating that the pyramides are not built by the Old Egypts but they are very older. He doesn't take in earnest by the scientists but the origin of the pyramides is not proved very sure.
inside the Cheops-Pyramid inside the Cheops-Pyramid
inside the Cheops-Pyramid inside the Cheops-Pyramid
king's chamber empty sarkophagus in the king's chamber

The Sphinx of Giza, a statue with the body of a lion and the head of a human is just as mysterious as the pyramides. It has a height of 20 m and a length of 70 m and is supposed to be built about 2500 B.C.
For the sphinx Erich von Daeniken offers an interesting explanation, too: The creature, half lion - half human, is the result of genetic experiments done by the extraterrestrials which (perhaps) built also the pyramides!
Sphinx of Giza Sphinx of Giza

Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Here you can find the greatest treasures of the Old Egyptians in a rich collection:

Probably the most well-known objects are those of Tutankhamun's Tomb in the Valley of the Kings near Luxor. The Englishman Howard Carter found it in 1922. In contrast to others it was not yet striked by sepulcher thiefs

The sarcophagus and the death mask are made of gold. The shrine is made of wood and gilded and was found in the treasury of the tomb
Sarkophagus of Tutankhamun Sarkophagus of Tutankhamun
Death Mask of Tutankhamun Gilded Shrine

Golden statuettes of Tutankhamun, with the crown of Upper- and Lower-Egypt.

One of the both life-sized statues of guards, positioned originally left and right hand near the entrance of Tutankhamun's sarcophagus
Tutankhamun Statuettes Tutankhamun Statue

A wooden chest, gilded and painted

The God Anubis on a shrine
Gilded Wooden Chest God Anubis

Tutankhamun's Throne

On the backrest he is depict with his wife Ankheseamuen.

Head of the king's bed with Thoueris as a hippo.
Tutankhamuns's Throne Tutankhamuns's Throne Thoueris as a Hippo

Pince Rahotep and Princess Nofretete

Bust of Echnaton

Cheikh el Balad
Rahotep and Nofretete Echnaton Cheikh el Balad