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Apply the contents of the ZCube as background stamp.
1. Create a ZCube. Right click on the ZCube and click 'Inlay Background Stamp'.
2. Select the grid size of the stamp (X-Count and Y-Count), the spacing (X and Y) between the stamp, and the location of the stamp (in reference to the location of ZCube). Click 'Stamp to Background' to create the inlay on the background.
3. To include the background color, check 'Transfer Box Background' and click 'Stamp to Background'.
Note:1 To extract the stamp from the background and put it to a ZCube, click 'Shift+ Double Left Click'.
Note:2 Inlay is now created and you can move it to the location you want. If you want to fix the position, right click on the ZSpace and click 'Fix'.
Note:3 If you want to move your inlay now (after being fixed), right click on the ZSpace and click 'Move'.
Note:4 To remove the inlay from the background, right click on the ZSpace and click Clean.