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Scrolls the contents of the ZCube horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
1. Drag and drop multiple images inside a ZCube. Right click on the ZCube and click 'Marquee Up'.
2. The contents inside the ZCube will start scrolling upwards. Similarly, the user can choose 'Marquee Down', 'Marquee Left' and 'Marquee Right' to scroll the images in the desired direction.
3. To make the contents of the ZCube scroll diagonally, select 'Marquee Up or Bottom' followed by 'Marquee Left or Right'.
4. Various Special Effects can also be applied to marquees.
Note 1: Different ZCubes can be merged even after the marquee has been applied on them.
Note 2: Applying the Marquee effect may resize the contents of the ZCubes.