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Draw Free Line drawings, Shapes, WordArt, 3D-Images, Apply Shadow to images, Write to Background or ZNote, Modify shapes, Apply Gradient, Save Settings.


1. Click paint from the power bar or right click menu on the ZSpace and select 'Paint'. Change the background color as desired. The default paint mode is 'Shapes', with the sunrise colors. Draw different shapes as desired. The draw status section of the toolbar provides a quick view of the current settings.
2. To select a shape, select the Edit mode and then choose the 'Selector' icon.
3. To change the stroke color, click on the 'Stroke Settings' option. Select stroke color, stroke weight, stroke style, start arrow, end arrow, size of start and end arrows.
4. To change the Fill color, click on 'Select Fill Settings'. Select the start color, end color and gradient angle.
5. To apply 3D effect to an shape, select the object. Then click on 'Select 3D & Light Settings'. Select extrusion depth, 3D color, type, rotation angle and light settings. The selected shape will be modified  according to the applied settings.
6. To apply predefined settings to an object, click on the 'Easy color pick' option. Select the shape, click on the 3D/2D solid patterns. The settings will be reflected on the selected object.
7. To erase a shape, choose the Edit mode and select an 'Eraser', and click on the object to erase. The user has the option to choose a spot eraser, wipe eraser or delete all the paint objects from the ZSpace.
8. To fill multiple shapes with the same fill color, select the fill color settings. Select 'Pour' from the edit menu. Click on the border of any shape to apply the fill settings to that shape.
9. To change the font style of the heading (Example: the text 'Shapes'), select the shape, click on 'Select Font Setting'. Change font-family, font-size, style, variant ,weight. The selected settings will be reflected on the text shape.
10. To apply predefined strokes to a shape, select a shape. Then select 'Easy Color pick' and select the pen color. The stroke color of the shape will change accordingly.
11. To manipulate a shape, choose the Edit mode and click on the 'Selector Icon'. The select the desired object and click on the dots at the top left corner of the image to rotate the image along different axes
12. To edit an line, choose the Edit mode and select 'Edit Poly Line'. Click on the line to display dots along the border of the shape. Move the dots as desired to edit the line. (Note that edit poly line is only applicable to Free Line, Poly Line and the Bezier Curve).
13. To move a shape, choose the Edit mode and select 'Move'. Click on the shape border and move the shape to any desired location.
15. To insert text inside a shape, choose the Edit mode and select 'Text Box'. Click on the border of the shape and a text box will appear. Any text entered in the box will appear inside the shape.
16. To re-size a shape, choose the Edit mode and select 'Re-Size'. Click on the image and drag along the border to resize it.
14. To apply Word Art to a shape, choose the Edit mode and select 'Word Art'. Click on the border of the shape and a text box will be displayed. Any text entered in the box will take the shape of the image.
17. To save settings for future reuse, select a shape change the fill color. Choose the 'Store Current Settings' mode. Click on a particular 'Save #' to save all the settings of the selected shape to that particular save setting.
18. To recover a stored setting, choose the  'Store/Recover Current settings' mode. Click the appropriate 'Recover#'. Then choose the Edit mode and select pour. Now click on any shape border to apply the selected stored settings to that shape.