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How to identify the right lens for your camera?

If you and new user of DLSR, when lookin gfor lens you will find some letters and numbers printed on each.

What does this mean? How to choose the right lens?


What does mm on a DLSR lens means?

mm is the focal length of the lens. ie. the length from the front of the lens to the camera sensor.

Photographers choose the mm according to their need. Some lens comes with fixed focal length

where as some others comes with varibale focal length. For example 50mm lens is a popular one with fixed focal length. Where as Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 lens, has a variable focal length. That mean it can be varied from 17mm to 85 mm.

Now how does this focal length relate to the photography?

The smaller the mm number the wider the angle of view within a photograph. Here, the 17mm focal length, can used for a wide angle photo graph.


On the hand the large mm numbers like 200mm or 300mm provide a magnified telephoto view. This can be used for zoomed in photography, where do not want to disturb your subject. This is good for wild life photography.