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What is a CuBee? :

The cute bee ---CuBee? Well in a way. You will see why. Keep reading.



What CuBee offers:

-         Share your thoughts just like you wanted. Don’t be limited to using text.

-         Integrate videos, music, documents you name the extensions.

-         “WYSIWYG” feature

-         CuBee is small in size which makes it easy and fast.

-         Instantaneous and do not require the other party to be online.

-         If the other party is online, he/she is notified immediately. Hence it make a blend of email and chat at the same time allow enormous amount of rich content to be layed out in the way you like.

-         Integration of all the rich media makes it unique.

-         Easy way to sent Greetings to friends and family or drop in a “hello” message.

-         Easy way to share thoughts.

-         Private CuBee and Public CuBee available.

-         Public CuBees will be showcased to public.

-         Private CuBee can be only accessed by the owner.

-         Create and share CuBee with your friends.

-         Create your collection of cubes and use it for the experience creations.

-         No Hazzle of publishing.

-         Run away from the boring email forwards, use your creativity to surprise your friends.

-         Show off your talents. Don’t get limited by the text based messaging system or the complex coding.

-         CuBee also allows optional emoticons to cover your messages.

-         Express your mood or Subject of the Message with an emoticon.

-         Be creative and build your own emoticons; let it be a happy face, a scientific theme, or a gift wrapper.

-         Let the “Bee” talk for you. How wonderful it would be to have the letter talk to you through emoticons even before your start reading it.

-         Over all express you’re self with CuBees.


Present way of sharing internet communications:

Email, Chat, Web Site



-Mainly text based

-No way to sent any integrated media

-No way to express the thoughts of an artist. (Have to convey the thoughts as text)

-Do not have “WYSIWYG” feature

-Not instantaneous, have to wait for the mail server or delivery process

-Only way to sent media is by attachments which is very expensive in size and often blocked by some email clients.



-Instantaneous but limited by what can be sent.

-Also allow files transfer, but both the parties have to be there online.

- Just like email

(No way to express the thoughts of an artist, and Do not have “WYSIWYG” feature and No way to sent any integrated media)



-More flexible in terms for how to present.

-have WYSIWYG” feature

-All these only possible if you know how to code.

-Not a good idea for common person.

-Requires publishing of the website, also have to pay for domain registration and hosting services.

-Have to depend on other media services to sent this information to friends and family.

-Consumes time in creation.

-Mostly open to public.