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  • Be Consistent: Read only having  , remove button versus Push pin & Transparent not having it doesn't make sense.
  • Hide ZCubes puts the user in a state of confusion. No messages or no guide to help the user on how to recover it.
  • Another major issue is to multi select cubes. If the cubes are small, the virtual rectangle makes sense. Else using ctrl or shift gives unexpected results. This gets tricky when the cubes have transperant borders.
  • What is the difference between Lock Cube and Push Pin? Also was never able to read the ZTip: on this since it gets always cut by the screen. A tool tip could be an easy solution. This is the case for lot other ZCubes right click menu items.
  • Enclose leaves trace on removal.
  • Make reflection (not reflecting enough J) not creating any reflection for images.
  • Completely lost with "Keep Size" in ZCubes right click.
  • Ascify giving server error in page asciiart.aspx
  • Remove Button for Register Viewer in ZCubes Right click menu will be helpful.
  • "Mode" in ZCubes right click seems empty.
  • Materials do not seem to be working.