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Love :-A strong feeling of affection; fondness; tender affection for someone; to feel or show love for; to caress; to be loved. It mentions nothing about having sex with anyone. Love is the feeling you have when your pet dog or cat nuzzles you and licks you in the face. It is not sex. Love is the feeling you have for your Mom and Dad or brother or sister. It is not sex. Love is the way you feel when you are with your best friend and the two of you are telling your life's secrets. It is not having sex. Love is a warm, fuzzy feeling that you feel when you see your favorite grandparent or Aunt. It is not having sex.

Love is not about sex but about feelings, affection, caring and giving. Sex is a totally different word and feeling. When a boy wants to have sex with you, it is not love. It is a desire that he is feeling and when he says to you " Don't you like me?" that is not love talking but a way of using control to get what he wants from you. If someone loves you they do not give you ultimatums, or make you feel guilty if you do not give up the most precious thing that you have. Instead, if they loved you they would honor your feelings and not make you have feeling of guilt if you not give in to them.

Love is the feeling that you have for yourself and it does not include sex.