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If EditGrid has gone a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants. We at EditGrid are grateful of the contribution of the following parties, to whom we are greatly indebted:

  • Dan Bricklin, for the inspirational invention called "spreadsheet".
  • The Gnumeric team, for probably the best back-end to support a spreadsheet service.
  • CPAN, where we have found numerous powerful Perl modules.
  • Innovation and Technology Fund of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, for an important start-up funding.
  • Reuters, for sponsoring the revamped Workspace.
  • CCT Technologies, for the international hosting solution.
  •, for an excellent set of toolbar icons that we now use.
  • WordPress, for the Blog.
  • PunBB, for the Forum.
  • The open source community in general, without which the world would be much different.
  • All contributors under the EditGrid Localisation Project, particularly AndrĂ©s Candela for his contributions to the Spanish version and Pascal Buch (a teacher of The RRE Embrunais) for his contributions to the French version.
  • All contributors to EditGrid Labs, particularly Mike Buksas, who developed a python client for the EditGrid API.
  • And last but not least Sir Tim Berners-Lee, for having first invented the WWW, but also for this.
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