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(c) Copyright 2006, Sreepadam School of Arts, Houston, TX, USA. All rights reserved.

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School Policy




  • Develop artistic & physical talents ingrained in children
  • Foster the student's interest & respect for the Indian dance art form and a role in Indian culture
  • Contribute to the artistic cultural community through dance performances
  • Graduation for the Advanced Student- Completion of an Arangettam and/or Rangapravesam.



Each student is assigned to a class group based on the appropriate age & level. The student is expected to attend & participate in the scheduled class every week. Most importantly, in order to progress, as of the student's responsibility with parental encouragement, the student must practice the skills and dance items taught in class at home. The class curriculum focuses on Indian classical steps, gestures expressions, and after covering the basics - classical dance items. In addition, a portion of each class will be spent learning a song item - either semi-classical or film song.


Private lessons are offered at an increased rate only to enrolled students (short-term: e.g., a specific performance) and for advanced students (long-term) preparing for their Arangettam and/or  Rangepravesam. The school highly encourages parents to inquire into the new skills and portions of a dance item that are taught every week in class. If a student desires the copy of the music used in class, a blank tape/CD should be provided to the school, which will be returned promptly - usually by the following week .Parents may also videotape their child's lesson for home practice (student use only).




Since each group is taught new skills and new portions of a dance item every week, the group can only advanced based on the pace of the least advanced members. If a student misses a class the whole group's is affected. Therefore, if a student misses a class due to illness, school-related activities, or pressing family situation, it is the obligation of the student/parent to contact the school to arrange for a make-up for a missed class. If a student will miss more than one week, then the school should be contacted to make arrangements.


The school collects a $60 fee for every 4-week period. Unless the payment is past the due payment applies to the current upcoming 4-week period. If you wish to pay at a specific day of the month, please contact the school to make arrangements. If the school is closed (due to dance performances, holidays or other reasons), the payment due date will be rebated for that period of time. The school utilizes this policy to encourage regular attendance and maximize the progression of classes, benefiting students who are motivated and interested in the art of dance.


I appreciate the hard work, talent and commitment of our Sreepadam students. I have been very encouraged by the public response to our school: and with your support, I will continue to contribute my best efforts to develop artistic talents in the community.


With kind regards,


DIVYA UNNI - Artistic Director