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ZCubesTM is the world's first website where you can seamlessly browse, search, edit, paint, draw, hand-write, watch, listen, publish, type, print, network, teach, learn, and work.

Welcome to
Web 3.0. Experience no bounds. Express without limits. Unconstrain your imagination. You are truly at the center of the internet.

With a 1000+ feature list, ZCubes now supports over 20 platforms (yes, both Firefox and IE!)! 

Go Ahead! Be Free!
Just Do It All TM
! And Do it Well!

How Can I Use It?

ZCubes is absolutely FREE!

'Mere narration' or 'bare utility' have no value. Expressions are of value only when they excite the senses and arouse emotions.
- The Science of Arts, 300BC.

Buzz About ZCubes?
"ZCubes is truly what I would term a true Web 2.0 offering to the public to experience. In fact that is probably an inaccurate statement. This is a probably a Web 2.1 or Web 3.0 product. It is as advertised. It is truly an all in one product."
- Rex Dixon, Technically Speaking

"ZCubes...probably one of the net’s first good browser in a browser websites. ... Aside from being a great portal/homepage...needing no complicated plugins whatsoever, ZCubes is a great application that lets you do anything and everything you ever dreamed you could do on a PC, all within the comfort of a single, online page."
- David Wilkinson, Profy

“Browser-based ZCubes is a `disruptive technology' that all too rarely shakes up the Internet by unveiling an inspired tool or resource which leaves users saying: "Why didn't any one think of doing this before? It's what we always wanted!"

-         Anand Parthasarathy, The Hindu

"I am a technology coordinator for a K-8 school and love the idea of your ZCubes!! This is a perfect format for both teachers and students! I love your application--I imagine this will be used in all sectors... and thank you for your attention to end-users--your customer service is excellent!"

- Cindy Wilson-Hyde, Teacher.

"Congratulations on your wonderful ZCubes service!"

- Jonathan Aquino, Developer.

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Ad-Free Pricing

We think win-win. We will be free for you (the end consumer) - always - supported by minimal, respectful and relevant ads (only if necessary).

In case you want a version of ZCubes completely free of advertisements, we will be happy to provide you that for
$ 9.99 per year. To top it off, we will also be providing you revenue-sharing opportunities based on your creative content (
ask us about it).

Random Vector Drawings of the Week
The following images of were drawn using ZPaint. Please click on the image to load the vector image. The advantage of Vector Images is the fact that they keep their quality at ANY resolution, and the images are editable at the vector level by ANY user, without any additionial software - on the web. Is that not cool?