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Chemmanam Chacko

The city has brought in best for Chemmanam Chacko. Ever since he moved in, awards and recognition started to come looking for the poet. The latest being Kerala Sahitya Akademi's award for lifetime contribution to literature.

What makes the poet happier is that officialdom recognised his genre of poetry, that of humour, by conferring him this award. Not many poets had employed satire and humour this extensively, and effectively, in poetry — none except legendary Kunchan Nambiar.

But then, the poet differs: "Nambiar's work was like a constant flow and mine was like a lake, as each of my poems was on specific issues."

The poet is currently working on a collection of his new poems and a collection of humorous essays.

To top the glory, the award came on his birthday. For someone who rarely celebrates his birthday on a grand scale, the literary world could not offer a better returns of the day.