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While life is totally unpredictable and throws up surprises at every possible turn, it is an established belief of mine that one is shaped by incidents and influences from one's childhood. Hence, as I introduce myself, it seems logical to start at the very beginning…where life, for me, began.
A visit to the well known Vauhini Studios in Madras on the making of a Hindi movie 'Prem Nagar', gave me my first enticing glimpse into the world of make believe.
Meanwhile, in spite of the lure of admissions into prestigious universities for advanced studies in the sciences, I opted to study at the Madras School of Arts and Crafts; A university recommended by an established cinematographer and my as well. Before being bestowed with the award, 'Best Student of the Year'. I was already working as a freelance artist and designer for multinationals and corporate companies. This further brought me work as a professional and films became my forte. Yet, the quantity of films did not jade my fascination with cinema, instead grew with time.
The first assignment that triggered a continuous and working career in cinema was the creation of a life-like, twelve feet model of a submersible shark, fitted with internal mechanisms for simulating movements for a Malayalam movie. As an Art Director for the next film I worked on the lead actor to make him look like a stout man. What struck me most was the usefulness of the basic principles of Physics, Chemistry and Engineering, and material knowledge that I had acquired as part of growing up.
It is perhaps one of destiny's games that today I often work in the same space, building 'realities' with the same, simple materials like plaster of Paris, coir fiber and gunny cloth that had so fascinated me on my first visit to Vauhini.

National Award


Best Art Director    
KAALA PANI (Mal)-1995

  Best Art Director    

Kerala State Award


Best Art Director    
KAALAPANI (Mal) - 1995