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Sangeeth becomes Amrita TV's Kerala Superstar!

Sangeeth on Amrita TV
Sangeeth has become the Amrita TV's Kerala Superstar! Sangeeth managed to get a lead of more than 20000 votes over Job in the final voting! Interestingly lot of voting happened during the last 15 minutes or so. Due to the SMS flood, Amrita TV kept on extending the closing time for voting. It was finally closed at 10PM.

Superstar final was probably the most watched live event on Kerala television. It also generated close to 200,000 SMS messages not considering the duplicate votes. Kudos to Amrita TV for managing the event so well! There were some good stage performances and bringing all the previous contestants was a good touch.

Job didn't sing too many Malayalam songs. Probably that cost him the title! In fact at one point, Job had a lead over Sangeeth.