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Hai! I'm V. Devanand.

I was born in Vaikom, in Kottayam district, from a family where music reigned supreme. Right from my childhood days I have grown up listening to music. My father, Vaikom.G. Vasudevan Namboothiri, a contemporary and college-mate of the legendary K. J. Yesudas, is an accomplished musician. He was  
my first guru. My elder brother Jayachandran is a seasoned Carnatic vocalist. 

My priorities were however different. Even while I began studying classical music I always nursed the dream of making a mark in lite and film music. One thing was certain music would be my life, my profession. I was encouraged by my success in the Kerala University Youth Festival and gradually began singing tracks for some of the eminent playback singers in Malayalam. 

It was the doyen musician V. Dakshinamurthy who had my voice recorded for the first time. The devotional album 'Shivam' had ten songs. A chance to sing in another album for music director Sharath took me to Chennai where I settled down for a while. That was the beginning of a new phase in my life. Perhaps my career took off with the film 'Pranayavarnangal.' That was the first time I sang for Vidyasagar. Since then I was fortunate to sing in many of the films for which Vidyasagar composed music. I will always be thankful to Dasettan (Yesudas) who introduced me to this great music director. My song in 'Meesa Madhavan' became a huge hit and I became identified as the voice of actor Dileep for whom I sang in films like 'Rasikan,' CID Moosa,' and 'Pandippada.' 

All the while the confusion in my name persisted. There were so many singers with similar sounding names that even companies that bought overseas rights of Malayalam songs began to make this mistake. When I noticed this I decided to change my name, Pratapachndran (Prathap) as advised by numerologist Dr.Jacquas de Sony, to Devanand. The new name seems to have brought in luck. I have recently rendered two soulful melodies in films 'Aanachandam,' and 'Classmates.' In all I have sung in around 30 films in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. I have also sung in a Sri Lankan movie 'In The Name Of Buddha' and one in Arabic language. In these few years I have had the good fortune to be associated with some of the greatest composers in various languages like Dakshnamurthy, G. Devarajan, K.Raghavan, A. T. Ummer, Shyam, Ravindran, Johnson, Vidyasagar, Rajamani, Mani sharma,A.R.Rahman,Devi Sri Prasad, Dipak Dev, Alex Paul etc. 

I believe firmly that songs will come my way. And when it does I'll sing it with my soul, with all my convictions, with my life in it. 
Welcome to this site and I hope you'll enjoy all the songs. 

V Devanand