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Afsal has been doing wonders in Malayalam music industry.With his unique and uninitable style of singing, he has earned thousands of fans almost in all parts of the world.
Afsal’s Family has played an important role in his career.Born in cochin, Afsal is the 10th son to his parents, Late Mr. Haji S.M. Ismail and Zuhara. Afsal is the youngestson and he has 6 brothers and 2 sisters.
Afsal’s father, Haji S.M. Ismail was a Great musician and banjo player. He was member of Iqbal music club of Cochin. He has Composed a lot of lovely devotional tunes and was famous all over cochin. Afsal’s father wanted him to become a sportsman,Afsal is his young days use to practice and workhard to fulfil his father’s wish. But later on,Afsal’s destiny was to become a singer. Afsal did his Schooling in Mujahid Schoolin panampilly andhis higher education in cochin college.During his college days, Afsal use to participate in singing competitions and has won lot of prizes.Then on he started Concentracting in Singing and began to sing in music Troopes. Afsal’s Mother Zuhara in a house wifeand has been supporting and encouraging in Afsal’s Career. Afsal’s brothers are also talented in each field. Afsal’s elder brothers, Afsal of them are abroad, eldest Mr.Ashraf in a keyboard players and in a good singer. 2nd brother, Mr.Saleem, in a religious worker. But is very talented singer.3rd brother Mr.Sheriff is a sound engineer and also a good Voialist, 4th brother Mr.Shams is a Keyboard player and owns a music troop in Bahrain. 5th Brother Mr. Shakeer is in Kerala and works in music industry. He is a music Director and a great rhythm Programmer, and works for famous music directors. The another brother Mr. Ansar is a singer. He sings for Music dreamz conducted by asianet Plus. Afsal has two sisters, Ramila and Shamila. Afsal is married to Mrs. Sini and has 3 children, Mubeena, Mohammed Ismail and Muhseena. Afsal’s nephens Mr.yasis also works in music field.This gives a clear proof of how strong musical background Afsal has. In the earlier days of afsal’s Career, He use to sing for music troopes all over kerala. He has gone with K.J. Yesudas and Chithra to America for shows. Afsal has learnt Rhythm programming from his brother Mr.Shakeer and so he use to work with famous music directors of malayalam like Mohan Sithara, Berny Ignatius, Raveendran and soon. He also use to sing tracks for the Malayalam film songs, along with rhythm programming. His first play back singing happened for the movie, Valyettan. This was offered to him by music Director Mr. Mohan Sithara. This Qawali mo was a male duet with singer M.G. Sreekumar. But this song did not appear in the movie and was not much noticed. Later on we given an opportunity by Berny Ignatius in the film Kalyanaraman. He has sing two songs in Kalayanaraman Kai thudi thalam and Thinkale which was a male duet with M.G. Sreekumar. He was strongely supported by the producer lal (Siddique-Lal) and Director Shaji. Producer lal recommended Afsal to Director Kamal.Listing to Afsal’s song, Kamal was very much impressed with his talent. And so kamal gave the change to sing the song “Rakshasi” for his hit film,Mammal. But Mammal happened to release first and then kalayanaraman. This al together gave Afsal 3 hits at a Time. That became Afsal’s turning point. He then began to become a great demand in Malayalam music industry. From then on, Afsal didn’t have to look back. Afsal’s ability of talking high pitch and his voice clarity differentiates him from other singers. His humble and down to earth character in his plus point. He has many hits to his credit. Ishtamalleda from Swapnakoodu, “Meharuba” From Perumazhakalam. This song began the trend of picturising Mappilapattu in Malayalam and also gave and explosure to Afsal’s fan’s Then the hits go on, ‘Sahira’ from Lokanathan IPS, ‘pokathe’ from Rapakal, This song proved that Afsal aldo can handle with Melody.Recently he has two hit songs to him Credit, The tittle song of Mammootty Film, ‘Thuruppu Gulan’ and ‘mathapoove’ From Mammootty Starrer- ‘Balram VS Tharadas’ Afsal has even enacted for this song in the movie. Afsal has done many cassettes like Devotional albums and a lot of Mappilapattu Albums. He is very much in demand and famous in Malabar Keral for his Beautiful Mappila Numbers. Afsal has done Countless stage shows all over the world.Middle east, States, Europe