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Anand is a well-known writer in Malayalam who is one of the most eminent intellectuals in Kerala today challenging various forms of religious fundamentalisms. He is a recipient of many awards including the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award and Vayalar Award. Born in 1936 at Irinjalakuda in Trissur district of Kerala, Anand graduated in civil Engineering in 1958. He worked under various government departments (he had a stint at military service also) before retiring as Planning Director from the Central Water Commission, Government of India.

Anand’s original name is Sachidanandan. When he started writing, there had already been a Sachidanandan established in Malayalam literature: the well-known poet who also served as of the president Kendra Sahithya Academy. So, he chose the pen name, Anand. He was one of the many ‘finds’ of the noted critic and poet M. Govindan. Anand’s philosophical text and dispassionate narration had put away many a publisher and editor. But Govindan was convinced about the talent of Anand and persuaded the editors of Mathrubhoomi weekly to publish Anand’s novel Alkkoottam. It was a new experience for the Malayalee readers and the book received rave reviews and pungent criticisms alike. He followed Alkkoottam (Crowd) with three more equally abstract novels: Maranacertificate (Death Certificate), Abhayarthikal (Refugees) and Utharayanam. (Utharayanam was made into a movie by the same name by the noted director G. Aravindan.) These books made Anand a writer with considerable standing in Malayalam. But it was in the late eighties and early nineties that Anand came up with two more novels, Marubhoomikal Undakunnathu and Govardhanante Yaathrakal, which made him an icon in Malayalam literature. He also wrote many short stories and articles, most of which deal with plight of the ordinary people who are exploited by the people in power. Unlike most other writers in Malayalam his characters are not necessarily a Malayali, and often weaves in historical elements into his stories. More often they are also located outside Kerala.