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He says in an interview that he had almost given up on his musical career, soon after completing his graduation, “as nothing exciting was happening in my career.” But, as fate would have it, every time he tried to sell off his keyboard, it came back to him, “as the guys who bought it couldn’t cough up the money that they had promised me. And soon after the third time it happened, the Siddique-Lal duo called me to join their group for their shows in the United States. They wanted me to render some music to fill the time in-between programmes. Eventually, it was those tunes that prompted Siddique to choose me to compose the music for `Chronic Bachelor,’ my first film,” recalls Deepak.
Deepak Dev has recently shared his love for tamil remixes including the works of youngsters such as DJ Deep (from the UK)and DJ Horizon (from Switzerland). He admires their talents but feels that he hasn't had the chance to get in touch with them.