Jassie Gift is a Malayalam trend setting film music composer and singer fromThiruvananthapuram, India.


His fathers name is Gift Israel.Jassi Gift’s first composition was for the movie Safalam. He became a legend in Kerala with his songLajjavathiye in the movie 4 the people. His innovative music contributed heavily to the success of "4 the People” which became 2004's biggest blockbuster in Malayalam. All the songs Jassie composed for the movie especially "Lajjavathiye", created mass hysteria in Kerala. It was later remade into Tamil, and also as Malliswarive into Telugu. The song was successful in all languages.

His voice is unconventionally vocal. His style, perfected in church choirs, has a strange resonance. Its masculine appeal is also peculiar. Though he is inhibited in style and range, he is good in his zone.

He has directed music for a Kannada film Hudugaata, starring Ganesh.

He also composed a music album, "Rain, Rain Come again" that is mixture of Indian and western music.He gives the mixture of melody and western beats in the Hudugaata(Kannada) film and three songs – Eno Onthara….. Mandakiniye….. and Ommomme Heegu…., have become rage today in Karnataka.

Jassie Gift is a postgraduate in philosophy from the prestigious University College of Kerala,Trivandrum, where he used to hang out with friends, practising his music.