Kaviyoor Ponnamma is a Malayalam film actress. She won the Kerala State Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1971, 1972, 1973, and 1994 for various roles.

Ponnamma was born in Kaviyoor village, near Tiruvalla. She has mainly acted as a mother figure to most of the malayalam actors. She is sometimes referred to as "Mohanlal's Mother" because she has acted as his mother in a great amount of movies. The mother-son role of Mohanlal-Ponnamma has been accepted well by the audience.

The name Kaviyoor Ponnamma brings to the mind of everyone a comforting mother, dressed mostly in white saree. Few in this generation know that she has in fact acted as the mother of Satyan and Madhu, many decades back. The movie was `Thommande Makkal'. Although younger to Thilakan, she had acted as Thilakan's mother in the movie `Periyar'.