It is a dream for every actor in Kerala to get a role under an M.T. Script. Though I am an infant in acting, I was so lucky enough to perform a character written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair - Prabhkara Menon in "Kazhcha". Babu Pisharady filmed the story in 10 episodes for Amrita T.V. Many people from different walks of life appreciated my performance. But let me give all the credit to the director for the success of the character.
When I was an Assistant Director, I presumed that acting is the easiest job in film making. But I later realised that it was just a foolish thought when I did my debut movie, "Youth Festival". My character was of an Ad Film Maker who was obsessed with his model. It was a very tough character for a new comer to perform. Movements, capturing light, by-hearting dialogues, ex-pressions, action continuity etc are very important things which have to be kept in mind while acting. I would rather like to call it "technical acting". You are limited to many things and asked the best out of it.
I feel, acting in film is never easy as watching a film on the silver screen. Cinema makes us crazy from childhood itself. The majority wants to become stars of the screen and very few, normally prefer other departments like cinematography, still photography, editing, sound engineering and direction. I would be very happy if you could consider my humble request if you are really serious about acting in movies. Practice yourself in front of the mirror, watch classic movies, observe others, make reading a habit, be confident and optimistic.Your dream will realize soon, sure.