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Every week, Monday to Friday, many television viewers tune in to Asianet to watch `Omanathinkalpakshi,' or rather to watch the latest upheaval in Jancy's life. Lena Abhilash's portrayal of Jancy has won her many fans at home and abroad. `Omanathinkalpakshi,' however, is not Lena's first acting break. She has been acting since she was in kindergarten. Not only has she acted but she has also directed and written plays while in school. Lena was first noticed by her school principal and it was she who suggested Lena's name to director Jeyaraj. "She was planning to launch a theatre group. At that time Jeyaraj sir was looking for a new face, and she suggested my name to him." After doing films such as Jeyaraj's `Sneham,' `Karunam' and `Shantam,' Sathyan Anthikkad's `Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal,' and Sibi Malayil's `Randam Bhavam' she took a break to complete her post-graduation. Armed with a post-graduate degree in clinical psychology, Lena worked as a clinical psychologist in a Mumbai hospital for some time, but gave that career a go because, "It was very draining and disturbing. Dealing with people who are disturbed is very strenuous. I was planning to do my doctorate in psychology, but I realised it was not for me. Acting is more enjoyable, besides it pays well too."