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Started as director P A Backer's assistant, Lenin Rajendran made his directorial debut with Venal (1982). From his first film to his latest Anyar (2003) Lenin has been consistent with the quality of his films, by not surrendering to market forces even while using the form and stars of popular cinema. Active member of the Communist party, his Meenamasithile Sooryan (1985) was about the anti-feudal upheaval of the 1940s in Kerala in a Communist viewpoint. Swathi Thirunal (1987), a period film was a biographical work of a 19th century king of Travancore, better known as a musical composer. While Daivathinte Vikrithikal (1992) was the cinematic adoption of M Mukandan's novel of the same name, Mazha (2001) was adopted from Madhavikutty's story. His latest film, Anyar (2003) deals with the hot topic of communal polarisation in Kerala. His other films are Chillu (1982), Prem Nazirine Kanmanilla (1983), Puravrutham (1988), and Vachanam (1992). Selected Filmography: Meenamasathile Sooryan - 1985 (Midsummer Sun) Set during the mid 1940s during the British rule, the film tells the story of a peasant rising against a villainous landlord, backed by Communist ideologies. Five men of a village achieve communist political consciousness through the revolutionary words from a schoolteacher and spread the message among the ignorant villagers. Finally these five, condemned to death by the British government, when asked their last wishes ask to see their beloved teacher once more. Direction & Screenplay: Lenin Rajendran Cast: Gopi, Venu Nagavalli, Vijay Menon, Murali, Ravi, Shobhana Cinematography: Shaji N Karun Music: M B Srinivasan Daivathinte Vikrithikal - 1992 (God's Mischief) Based on a novel of the same name by noted Malayalam author M Mukundan, the film is set in the ex-French colony of Mayyazhi (Mahe). Father Alphonse, a French speaking priest and an armature magician, out of his love towards Mayyazhi decides to stay back, while the colonial functionaries depart to Paris after Independence. The film tells the tragic story of Alphonse, who finds solace in alcohol when he faces tragedies one by one. Daivathinte Vikrithikal won the State award for best film. Direction & Screenplay: Lenin Rajendran Cast: Raghuvaran, Srividya, Thilakan, Vineeth, Sudheesh, Siddique Cinematography: Madhu Ambat Music: Mohan Sitara Mazha - 2001 (Rain) Mazha is based on a story by Malayalam writer Kamala Surayya (Madhavikkutty). The film is about a young girl's love for her music teacher. Bhadra is forced by her father to marry someone else and has a very unhappy marriage. After the death of her alcoholic husband, she returns to the village where she had met and fallen in love with singer Ramanuja Shastri, only to find that his life has been equally tragic. Direction & Screenplay: Lenin Rajendran Cast: Biju Menon, Lal, Samyuktha Varma, Jagathi Sreekumar, Thilakan, Urmila Unni Cinematography: S Kumar Editing: Beena Paul, Ajith Music: Raveendran Annyar - 2003 (The Outsider) Through the journey of Razi Banu, a TV journalist, the film takes a look at evils that plague contemporary society. Razia is deeply disturbed by the events that take place on her trip to Gujarat to attend her friend's wedding. She returns to Kerala with distressing images of what she saw at the refugee camps and would like to make a programme on the whole tragedy. Unable to garner support and sponsors for her idea she decides to strike it on her own. Suraj, her best friend and one time lover, accompanies her. She is alarmed at the possibility of a similar situation here and captures images of alienation in life in Kerala. Direction & Screenplay: Lenin Rajendran Cast: Jyothirmayi, Biju Menon, Lal, Siddique Cinematography: Madhu Ambat Editing: Ajitkumar Music: Mohan Sithara, Ramesh Narayan Rathri Mazha - 2006 (Night Rain) Two youngsters, Harikrishnan and Meera, come to know each other through a matrimonial advertisement on a web site. Through intermittent chat sessions they get drawn to each other. Though they have not met, love blossoms. But what they love is what each imagines the other person to be. When they eventually meet, however, the dreams are shattered. But their minds have been so bonded together, they decide to marry and make the best of it. It is now society that looks askance at the relationship. Direction & Screenplay: Lenin Rajendran Cast: Vineeth, Meera Jasmine, Manoj K Jayan, Biju Menon, Lalu Alex, Cochin Haneefa Cinematography: Madhu Neelakantan Music: Ramesh Narayan | Home | Mail | | History of Indian Cinema | Indian Parallel Cinema | History of Malayalam Cinema | | Malayalam Parallel Cinema | Malayalam Middle-Stream Cinema | | Malayalam Cinema Database |