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A. K. Lohithadas
A. K. Lohithadas is a prolific screenwriter and director in Malayalam cinema, known for his rich, detailed and realistic screenplays.
Lohithadas (or 'Lohi', as he is often referred to) was born Ambazhathil Karunakaran Lohithadas in Kerala. He showed an initial interest was in short-stories, but failed to make a mark in that genre. He soon moved into Malayalam theater in 1986 when his debut script was accepted for the stage by the legendary theater personality Thoppil Bhasi. Bhasi's CPI party backed drama troupe, the highly successful 'Kerala People's Arts Club', produced the play, leading to a state award for Lohithadas. Fresh with the play's commercial and critical success, Lohithadas moved to Malayalam Cinema by writing for the debutant director Sibi Malayil. His first movie screenplay Thaniavarthanam was directed by Malayil and went on to be a success. The Sibi Malayil-Lohithadas combination would later produce several memorable