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Madhu Ambat
After graduating from the Film and Television Institute of India, Poona, as a distinguished student, Madhu Ambat entered the film industry in 1973, photographing a documentary for the famous Ramu Kariat. In a career spread over 34 years, he has been the Director of Photography for a number of notable films winning many awards. Born with creative family roots, cinema was his natural choice. Encouraged by his parents, who believed that one can shine best in a profession that one loves best, he took up cinematography as a profession. All the trust his family and friend had put on him has proved worthwhile. Today, Madhu Ambat is one of the Best Cinematographers of India. He has taken the Art of Indian Cinematography to a new peak. For him cinematography is a passion and not a profession. He also heads a non-profit making research organization "Fantasia Center for Research and Development of Cinema". This newly started organization strives to develop an atmosphere for research in cinema and to spread a film culture. He has just completed "1:1.6 An Ode to Lost Love" - his debut film as a director