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Passionate about life


MENAKA, THE Malayalam actress of yesteryear, today leads a busy life looking after her husband and children. The success of the Malayalam movie, `Vettom', which she produced, has not brought about much of a change in her routine. "I was a producer only in name; I hardly visited the set during the discussions or production," she says with a smile.

Love for cooking

Cooking has always been an obsession with her. She learnt it on her own, though observing her mother cook the traditional Tamilian dishes and her mother-in-law the Kerala fare helped her a lot. She is an ardent fan of the gourmet, Mallika Badrinath. "I have a collection of her books, and I have tried out most of the recipes. I also watch cookery shows on TV, be it in any language, and try out the recipes," she says.

Though Menaka and her daughters are strictly vegetarian, she likes to try out non-vegetarian recipes but substitutes the meat with vegetables such as mushroom or potatoes. "I love Andhra and Mangalorean food. I've even tried my hand at Thai recipes," Menaka says. She is fond of Kerala food, but would rather avoid coconut. "Coconut gives a distinct taste to any dish. I love food with a natural flavour; adding coconut just spoils it," she adds.