National Award-winner Nedumudi Venu is considered one of the finest actors in India today
Nedumudi Venu
Early Life Venu was born to P. K. Kesavan Pillai and Kunjikkuttiyamma in Nedumudi, Alappuzha. He was involved in art and music since his academic period. After completing his degree from S.D College, Alappuzha, he worked as a journalist in kalakaumudi and as a teacher in a tutorial institute. Venu was living in Thiruvananthapuram, when he got friends in the likes of Aravindan, Padmarajan and Bharath Gopi. This ultimatedly paved way for his film career.
Career Venu started his career in theatre and went on to act in films. He debuted in the film Thambu (1978) by G Aravindan, a highly acclaimed director. His acting skills were showcased in the Bharathan film, Aaravam. P. Padmarajan's Oridathoru Phayalvan set a milestone for him. It marked his start in karanavar (head of the family) roles, which included most of his memorable performances. Venu also did storywriting for movies. The stories for the films Kaattathe Kilikkoodu, Theertham, Sruthi, Ambada Njane, Our katha; Oru nUnakkadha, Savidam, and Angane Oru Avadhikkalathu were written by him. He also tried his hand in direction with Pooram. Venu has also acted in some television serials. Recently, Venu won the Best Actor award for his role in film Saira during the Zimbabwe International Film Festival which concluded in Sep 2007. The committee mentioned that he acted so compellingly and convincingly in his portrayal of a man caught between tradition and modernity and secularism and fundamentalism.