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Bubbly hostess: Poornima Indrajith is now a member of the jury on Amrita TV’s ‘Vanitha Ratnam.’

It is her bubbly personality that woos the audience. Starting her career in the industry as a model, Poornima Indrajith then went on to host a music countdown show ‘Pepsi Top Ten’ on Asianet. The show opened the door to soaps and movies f or her. Coming full circle, she is now one of the members of the jury for Amrita TV’s ‘Vanitha Ratnam.’

“I was an avid watcher of the channel’s ‘Super Star,’ so I was excited when I received the offer. Besides, the programme’s concept is rather unique, it is not a hunt for a super singer or super dancer but a show searching for a ‘Super Mom.’ Often in the film industry, once married, many women actors prefer to turn homemaker as they feel it is not possible to balance the two. I too have often thought so. But meeting these women participants of the show has changed my mind. Not only are they balancing their home front, they are also balancing work, their extra curricular activities and yet, they also find the time to participate in the show,” says Poornima, who is the mother of a two-and-a half-year old.