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Ravi Varman
Ravi Varman is the only cinematographer from India to have won an international award. He received the best cinematography award at the 23rd International Film Festival in France for Jayaraj's Malayalam film, Santham.

It may surprise many to know that he had had absolutely no training in photography.

Varman was born in a village near Thanjavur and lost his parents at a very young age. 

Loneliness and depression drove him to attempt suicide by lying on a railway track, hoping that a train would run him over. But his act got him arrested.

Having got his life back, he decided to do something worthwhile. He went to Chennai to bring meaning to his life. From zero to hero, that's Ravi Varman's life in a nutshell.

Now, he has worked with directors like Jayaraj, Rajeev Kumar, Priyadarshan, Honey Irani, Revathy, to name a few.

His most prestigious assignment now is Shankar's Anniyan, which he took up after politely refusing Bengali director Buddhadev Dasgupta.

He spoke to Contributing Special Correspondent Shobha Warrier, about how he got to complete Anniyan which was started by Manikandan.