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Many believe that `Udayananu Tharam’ had more than a faint resemblance to the series of events that made its director Rosshan Andrrews the star of the Malayalam film industry.

In the film, which became a whopping success, the hero - an assistant director, tries desperately to make it as a director. Finally, after crossing a number of hurdles, he succeeds in making a film that makes him an overnight sensation; just as it happened in the life of the film’s director, Rosshan Andrrews.Rosshan agrees that some of the events, shown in the film, could have been inspired from his own experience.

“I have worked as assistant with directors like Kamal, Shaji Kailas and Sandhya Mohan for five films, much less than the film’s hero, Udayabhanu. There have been experiences, both sweet and sour, during those times and naturally some incidents from real life have made it into the film,” says Rosshan, who has added an extra `s’ to his name owning to his belief in numerology.