Salimkumar has played the hero's sidekick to perfection in a number of movies. With his knack for comedy, this actor's trademark dialogues and slapstick routine evoked laughter in more than 125 movies.

In between, he proved his credentials as an actor, quite convincingly, in a handful of roles that stand out from his usual characters. Like the musician Tabla Bhaskaran who lives in the memories of his good old days in `Gramaphone,' the nagging Aamu eleppa in `Perumazhakkalam,' the `extra artiste' Rafeeq in `Udayananu Tharam' and so on.

"The list will always be incomplete as I find some virtue in every role that I portray, regardless of any classification. Still, these characters top the list as the ones that showcased my histrionic skills," says Salim.

The latest addition to that list is his first film as the protagonist in Lal Jose's `Achanurangatha Veedu.' Salim essays the role of Samuel, a State Government employee on the verge of retirement. A widower with three daughters, Samuel has to come to terms with the harsh realities in life. Samuel's hopes rested on his youngest daughter but to the family's horror, she never returns from school one evening

With a greyish moustache, partially bald pate and moist eyes, Salim has transformed into the character, the shooting of which is on in Peerumade.

"Salim is flexible and is positive to make-up. And he makes good use of his eyes, which are indeed very expressive," feels Lal Jose.