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After changing the mainstream Bollywood comedy format with "Kya Kool Hain Hum", director Sangeeth Sivan is ready with "Apna Sapna Money Money."

Panned by critics for double entendres, "Kya Kool... " was a major box office success, and Sangeeth wants to clear the allegations of the past before talking about the present.

"See, right from the mahurat of the film we made it clear that we are making a sex comedy, so nobody could say that we cheated the audience. I hate critics judging the film on the basis of their tastes. A sex comedy should be judged and compared with others in the genre."

As for the charge of taking comedy to obscene levels, Sangeeth says nothing was forced. He agrees it was the first of its kind where the Dada Kondke brand of humour was given an urbane touch.