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Sarah Joseph

A writer

of women,

for women

Sarah Joseph emanates more light and heat as she climbs

up the literary horizon, and as a result her fiction draws

serious critical appraisal. Both the Kerala Sahitya Academy

Award and the Kendra Sahitya Academy Award for

Aalahayude Penmakkal (Daughters of God the Father) have

alerted serious rethinking on woman’s writing and subaltern

literature in the literary circles of Kerala.

Sarah Joseph was born at Kuriachira in Thrissur in 1946.

Her father Louis was inclined to Marxian ideology and was keen

on reading periodicals and books related to it. Her mother

Kochumariam was a typical conservative Christian housewife

who took special care to marry her daughter off before the age

of fifteen. As Sarah could continue her studies, the only

difference that she felt after her marriage to Joseph was that she

could wear a ‘davani’ (half–saree). She went for the teacher’s

training course and got a job as a school teacher. Later she did

her M.A and joined the collegiate service. That phase of her

teaching career at Pattambi Sanskrit College was the smithy of

her formation as a feminist . She has retired from government

service and lives at ‘Geethanjali’, Mulamkunnathukavu in

± Thrissur.


The feminist activist in Sarah Joseph is the other

side of the woman writer. She was the harbinger

of feminist movement in Kerala and the founder

of ‘Manushi – organisation of thinki