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Some people hate to stay idle. And director Shafi surely belongs to this group of people. He is preoccupied with so many films on hand and also many other projects lying before his very eyes.

The director who had done hit films like ‘Kalyanaraman’ and ‘Thommanum Makkalum’ is on a busy roll.  He revealed that the Tamil version is more colorful than the original coupled with a few new songs. Vikram plays the lead role in the remake film.

Shafi will come back to Malluwwod after completing ‘Maja’ and start working on another project with actor Dileep. He is also planning to do a sequel of ‘Thommanum Makkalum’ with the same cast. It would be a unique one, as he is planning to work on the story prior to the original film.

However, the director is hopeful that the young actors also can catch up if they are a little bit careful while choosing the roles. Malayalam film industry is full of old actors with young actors failing to make their presence felt. The director said that Malluwood is looking bright with young and talented directors like Roshan Andrews and Blessy going very well.

Now, we have a director with a great insight. Hope the young actors take this small but precious tip of the director and replace the old faces in Malluwood.