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SHAJI KARUN (Shaji N. Karun) born at Kerala, India; in 1952, studied Cinema and Television at the highly reputed film institute of India at Pune, graduating to become the cinematographer of nearly 40 films and almost all films of Aravindan. His work won him the Eastman Kodak Award for Excellence in 1990.
His directorial debut was not until 1988 with PIRAVI, which attracted tremendous acclaim. Selected in no less than 70 International and National film festivals, amongst them Cannes, it received 31 awards, including the prestigious Charlie Chaplin Award at Edinburgh, the Silver Leopard at Locarno, The Special Mention of Camera d'Or at Cannes, the Silver Hugo at Chicago and President of India's Gold Medal Award for the best film in the year 1989. His second film SWAHAM was received with equal praise selected not only in the Official Competition at Cannes in 1994, but also invited to numerous international festivals gathering a large number of awards. VANAPRASTHAM, the last dance, his third film. It was also his third to be selected at Cannes Film Festival, an honour bestowed on only a handful of Directors in the world. The Film has been adjudged as the Best film of the National film Festival of India in 1999 and has also won several National and international recognitions. NISHAD, his latest film in Hindi Language, completed in May 2002, and premiered in Fukuoka International Film Festival held September 2002 at Japan. As a Short filmmaker , he has been awarded Gold medal from The President of India in 1996 and won many honours from International Film Festivals.