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She is trained in Hindustani classical music, but her passion is Flamenco. She never wanted to be a playback singer in Bollywood and here she is churning out blockbuster hit after hit beginning with her debut song with none other than the musical genius A.R.Rahman. The song "Shakalaka Baby" not only netted her the *Filmfare* award for best female singer, but also was a highlight of *Bombay Dreams*, the larger than life musical on Broadway and now playing across America. She didn't know the ABC of acting, but found her self being directed and acting opposite the legendary superstar actor Kamal Hassan in her very first film *Hey Ram*, and then making waves with Mira Nair's *Monsoon Wedding.*

In an exclusive interview with Little India's Kavita Chhibber, `Vasundhara Das talks about her journey and what has worked well for her.
Well my family has always been into music and it has been my grandmother's passion, but Tamil Brahmin girls in her time did not pursue music professionally. Plus she had four kids at a relatively young age and was busy. She did however continue to sing and dreamed that maybe one of her four kids would take it up seriously. That didn't happen either. Then she looked at her grandkids with great hope, but when none of them showed any serious inclination. I the youngest grandchild was the one she anointed as the chosen one.