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Boney M. was a pop and disco group, comprised of four West Indian singers and dancers and masterminded by West German record producer Frank Farian, and who were successful during the 1970s. It is claimed that Boney M. have sold nearly 150 million records worldwide.

The four original members of the band were Liz Mitchell (born on July 12, 1952, Clarendon, Jamaica), Marcia Barrett (born on October 14, 1948, St. Catherines, Jamaica), Maizie Williams (born on March 25, 1951, Montserrat, West Indies), and Bobby Farrell (born on October 6, 1949, Aruba, West Indies). Boney M., with their bubble-gum infectious tunes, became one of the few Western groups at that time to become well-known in places such as Africa, the Arab countries, Iran, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the USSR. To this day, along with Swedish pop group ABBA, they are among the most widely known 1970s Western music acts in these regions.