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Big Brother is a reality television series broadcast in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Channel 4 and E4, and S4C in Wales. The premise of the gameshow is for the contestants to live in isolation from the outside world in a custom built house. Housemates are evicted by a weekly public phone vote, with the aim to be the last contestant remaining, to win a cash prize. The show's name comes from George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, a dystopia in which Big Brother is the all-seeing omnipotent leader of Oceania. The main shows are hosted by Davina McCall and narrated by Marcus Bentley. The show premiered on Channel 4 on 18th July 2000. It is produced by Brighter Pictures, a part of Endemol.


On 17 January 2007, Celebrity Big Brother caused a record number of complaints to Ofcom, with more than 45,500 people contacting the regulator and 3,000 contacting Channel 4 over allegedly bullying and racist remarks against Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. It was reported on 18 January 2007 that Carphone Warehouse had temporarily withdrawn its estimated £3m sponsorship of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother, in the wake of the controversy. On the 8 March 2007, Carphone Warehouse permanently dropped its sponsorship of the show. Speaking in the Commons, Prime Minister Tony Blair said he had not seen the show but opposed "racism in all its forms".



Celebrity Big Brother 2007 started on 3 January 2007, and ran for 26 days. On 28 January 2007, Shetty was voted the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2007 with 63% of the final vote.