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Lonar is an extremely beautiful place. The place also has an importance of its own as it is has the only lake in India that is created out of hypervelocity meteorite impact. The crater that is formed because of the impact is the third largest crater lake in the world. Geological studies have revealed that the lake is more than 40, 000 years old. The place is important not just for its crater lake, it is important also for its wonderful temples. Today, however, nothing but the ruins of the temple remains. The village around the crater is abound with legend of Lonar. You can also see numerous peafowls that has made the crater their home. You will also find lots of migratory birds.


If you want to travel by air, the nearest airport is Aurangabad. From there you will have to travel 122 km by road. The nearest railhead is at Malkapur. From Mumbai you can also travel to Lonar by road via Aurangabad and Jalan. The total distance on road is 600 km. There are a number of hotels and guest houses in Lonar. You will surely find accommodation there.


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