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WEB 2.0Web 2.0 refers to Internet based services where visitors are initiating, creating and mainint content by exchanging information and combine various (internet enabled) data sources. Typical Web 2.0 examples: 
Site / service Social networking Collaboration People Journalism User generated content Mixed technologies
Wikipedia   X      






Google Maps         X


Pandora       X  


Youtube       X  




  o Social networking sites like: Myspace, LinkedIn, Facebook;o Collaboration sites: Wikipedia;o (people) journalism: Ohmynews;o Usergenerated content : YouTube, Flickr, other webblogs sites;o Mixed technologies: Google Maps, Yahoo Widgets, Pandora, Digg, Del.icio.usSoundbites are heared about WEB 3.0 – what that should be?It should be the following step after WEB 2.0. In my view that could be facebook and Zcube since these sites combine many (if not all) of the features of the leading WEB 2.0 website services. In addition these sites are providing a, more or less, open source developers framework that supports powerfull options and interlinking different websites. 11 October 2007